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Centennial Celebration

To mark the 100th anniversary of this event, we think it’s time for a celebration. Start with our “Ten-Year Lunch” $19.19 menu, a nod to the year it all began. Enjoy our favorite classic dishes, with a modern take to reflect the times. Explore our celebration calendar and special room packages, all summer long.

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A storied beginning

In June 1919 New York’s famous wits, authors and critics gathered at The Algonquin, for what would become known as The Round Table. Their daily lunches lasted for 10 years. Most notable members were Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Alexander Woollcott and Harold Ross, who founded The New Yorker here.

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The Centennial Package

In 1919 New York’s famous authors & critics gathered at the hotel, for what would become known as The Round Table. 100 years later, it’s time for a celebration.

Centennial Events

Check back soon for upcoming events.

Celebrate the round table


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