The Colorful History of
The Blue Bar

To Date, the hotel has sold five $ 10,000 martinis.

In 1933, John Barrymore came up with the idea to have blue lighting the bar.

Al Hirschfeld was a regular patron, now several of his drawings hang on the walls.

The Blue Bar

constantly reinventing

The stories are legendary and the drinks even more so at The Blue Bar, one of the best and most iconic hotel bars in NYC which has delighted thirsty revelers in Times Square since it opened at the demise of Prohibition in 1933.


A post-theater nightcap. An after work gathering with colleagues. Unabashed curiosity. The Blue Bar draws those who want to see and be seen. Enjoy the rich history and subtly lit ambiance. Or simply enjoy a perfectly poured cocktail.

“Three be the things I shall never attain: envy, content, and sufficient Champagne”

Dorothy Parker


The Blue Bar provides a unique and memorable venue for private events.
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